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Fall and slight winter is among us!! Getting into a warm car is awesome!!!
2017 Toyota Seinna, Two Way, 1 mile Range LCD Compustar Remote Start System
2 Way up to 3 mile range LCD
Compustar Remote Start System

1 Remote, starts two vehicles. 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 and 1994 Lexus ES 300. All 2-way remotes (LCD & LED) will support 2-car modes.

Marcus L. Daniels
My passion and goal to serve others has bled off into the sole ownership of this small business. After serving 26 Active Duty years in the U.S. Army , finishing my last 4 here in Mustang, continuing to serve this and surrounding communities..
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Directions on how to fill out your choices in the blocks below: 1000ft, 3000ft , 1 to 3 mile range 1 or 2 way remote.
1 way remote sends the signal to start the car only --2 way remote sends the signal to start the car and the car sends a signal back to the remote indicating that the car started. LCD remote = with display- LED remote = with blinking light only.
2014 Honda accord
1000 ft, 1 way Remote Start System
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